April 22, 2016

For Candidates

iStock_000009660736XSmallPeople make transitions for a variety of reasons. Not all of them are due to crisis and conflict. Sometimes, you just need a little help presenting yourself to potential places of service.

  • Maybe you need to move closer to family
  • Maybe you need to explore your calling more deeply
  • Maybe it has been a long time since you had to prepare a resume

A little self awareness goes a long way.

Everyone’s needs are different, but we can help in areas such as:

  • Resume Building
  • Core Values, Skills, and Passions Assessment
  • Personal Branding
  • Discernment and Hiring Process Coaching

A Concrete Example

Here’s an affordable way to explore what be next in your search for a new place of ministry service.
We are offering candidates a confidential, password-protected web presence that they can share with potential places of service. Explore it here.

But what does it cost?

Individual needs and services can vary based on personal circumstances, but a good ballpark figure is to think of most of the services we offer candidates to be based on an average of $100 per hour.

When we develop a new client relationship, we bill by the project and provide clear deliverables. That gives the client a fixed amount to budget around and a clear understanding of expectations. Any work that goes above and beyond that project fee is not added (like a surprise), but is assumed by us as a part of original quote. However, if new work is generated during our ongoing relationship which extends beyond the scope of the original project, an additional project can be created to cover those costs.

Contact us and let’s see how we can help you on your journey: